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Enjin Coin – Cryptocurrency for Gaming Whitepaper here. Crypto Wallet here. Coin is called: Enjin Coin (ENJ) ENJIN Coin is a product developed by ENJIN based out of Singapore but team spread throughout the world. ENJIN originally was launched in 2009 as a community for gamers. ENJIN Coin is ERC-20 based token. ENJIN Coin has raised total of 23 million$ through its – Enabling Decentralized Token Swaps Everywhere Video Link Kyber Developer Portal. Kyber Network is a Singapore based company building the next generation of decentralized exchange for Ethereum tokens. The team comprises of Loi Luu (CEO) and other researchers and developers. Currently there are 1218 types of tokens being tracked in the crypto market. And the only way to swap between tokens

Dai – Stablecoin System by MakerDAO Link to white paper. Github link. Crypto Ticker (DAI): (MKR) Maker (Administrative)Token: MakerDAO is a Santas Cruz, California based company co-founded by Rune Christensen and team. Mainstream investors like Andreessen Horowitz has invested $15 million in MakerDAO. DAI is a ERC-20 token built on top of Ethereum and is pegged to USD. MKR is another

Realatom – Revolutionizing Commercial Real Estate through Blockchain RealAtom is a Virginia based company which plans to disrupt Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry. The team consists of Yulia Yaani (CEO) and Masha Sharma ; both serial entrepreneurs.RealAtom can help facilitate deals ranging in value from $100,000 to more than $100 million. For real estate, the blockchain has the potential to change the way we do business. – Framework for tokenized debt agreement Link to whitepaper. Developer portal. Dharma protocol plans to propose a framework and solution for debt financing in Crypto world. The white paper was published by Nadav Hollander in April 2017. Dharma protocol provides out of the box tools and smart contracts for developers to build a lending platform based out of crypto assets. Entire loan

Oraclize – Data carrier for decentralized apps Oraclize is a London based startup focused on providing blockchain oracle services. Oracalize currently serves thousands of requests every day on Ethereum, Bitcoin and Rootstock. Why do we need Oracles in smart contracts? Smart Contracts are unable to connect with external data, or any other off-chain resources on their own. Smart contracts are self

BitGo – multi-signature technology for regulated economy   Whitepaper listed here. BitGo provides multi-sig wallet for enterprises and consumer. Currently BitGo’s platform processes over $10 billion in transactions per month. BitGo does not store the asset or currency, instead it provides tools for enterprises to avoid keys management , policies to avoid single point of failure and assets are moved in

NEO – An Open Network For Smart Economy White Paper English.   NEO is a Shanghai based Blockchain startup founded by Da Hongfei. The founder has initial seed investment of USD 90K for which he gave up 10% of the tokens to the seed investors.Previously it was called Antshares.It is called Chinese ethereum. NeoVM is similar to Java VM. NEO is inspired by

EOS – Infrastructure for Decentralized Application White Paper. EOS is trying to compete with Ethereum as a platform for Blockchain applications by focusing on scalability and speed for decentralized applications. It is based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) Consensus algorithm invented by Daniel Larimer (Co-founder of EOS). Video link to different consensus mechanisms by Andreas M. Antonopoulos here. EOS has

Stellar – (Lumins) XLM, Disrupting the banking industry with unique consensus protocol. White paper link. Github link. Stellar was founded in 2014.Stellar is structured as a Non Profit Organization. Stellar is an open-sourced payment protocol founded by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. Jed was co-founder of Ripple  and Mt. Gox. Joyce Kim is now co-founded a blockchain based venture capital firm called SparkChain Capital. Currently Stellar’s crypto-currency called
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