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BitPay – Get Paid in Bitcoins

https://bitpay.com/ BitPay was founded in 2011. BitPay is the largest Bitcoin payment processor in the world.BitPay is one of the earliest Bitcoin payment processing companies in the crypto-world. BitPay’s mission was to make it easy for businesses to accept Bitcoin as a payment mechanism. BitPay was early on understanding that Bitcoin would revolutionize payments industry.

IOTA – Machine – to- Machine micropayment system.

https://iota.org/   #White paper. People in crypto world are watching the significant growth of IOTA as a crypto currency. The currency has gained more than 100% in just 1 week!. Currently trading at $4.14 and up. Interestingly, its not easy for US Citizens and residents to buy IOTA. IOTA is exclusively traded on bitfinex. The significant rise
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