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Oraclize – Data carrier for decentralized apps

http://www.oraclize.it/ Oraclize is a London based startup focused on providing blockchain oracle services. Oracalize currently serves thousands of requests every day on Ethereum, Bitcoin and Rootstock. Why do we need Oracles in smart contracts? Smart Contracts are unable to connect with external data, or any other off-chain resources on their own. Smart contracts are self

RootStock – Smart Contracts for Bitcoin

http://www.rsk.co/ Github location: https://github.com/RSKSmart This blog post is different than others. Rootstock or RSK is not a decentralized app. Rootstock is still work in progress. Its a complete new paradigm improving the Bitcoin platform. Currently Bitcoin platform is extremely slow in transaction processing (7 transactions per second) and Bitcoin does not allow conditional flows. Rootstock is
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